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Chief Permission Giver

Defender of Authenticity

Lover of your Creative Spirit


Throughout my life, I have used Restorative Painting processes and various forms of the Expressive Arts as powerful tools on my pilgrimage to personal healing. While being guided by and learning to listen to the voice of the Spirit, I have been prompted to use the visual language of art and the wisdom of color to guide me gently and powerfully out of the shadows and into the light. The unfolding knowledge of who I am uniquely created to be has been allowed to shine through in paint and color to heal my soul. And it is my deep desire to share this creative practice with you.


"I offer you a sacred space to be yourself."

For many years I have been leading and facilitating art and healing workshops in the Midwest and California in various forms (online and in person) and with varying groups of people (artists, individuals experiencing homelessness and/or addiction, leadership teams, women interested in personal growth and healing…) which has continued to fuel my passion for the healing power of art.


I trained under expressive arts teacher Chris Zydel in San Francisco, California and received a Certificate as a Master Facilitator of Intuitive Painting and the Expressive Arts. 

I was also trained in Art Sozo techniques by Gail Spooner of the Bethel Transformation Center in Redding, CA.


In addition, I hold degrees in Social Work and Interior Design.

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