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I offer a variety of classes in both Restorative Painting Practices and the Expressive Arts. Each method is a unique tool in our creative arsenal to provide the opportunity to listen deeply to ourselves and open into freedom and healing. I offer several unique Expressive Arts experiences with more in the works. 






















































Art Workshops Cincinati
Art Workshops Cincinnati
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using journal making, jewelry design, hand stitching, fabric dyeing, essential oil blending and more


To help navigate, acknowledge and honor the seasons and transitions of life.


Are you approaching a “big” birthday? Has a child recently headed off to college or graduated? Are you experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one, a job, an unfulfilled expectation? Have you recently navigated through divorce, re-marriage, gotten married for the first time? Moved?


Then this class is for you.


Over a six week journey, through creative expression, we will be exploring and honoring those transitions of life which can leave us excited, questioning, greiving, inspired or all of the above. Each week will include prayer, scripture reading, community and creativity. We will focus on one project per week including making journals, jewelry, hand stitching, fabric dyeing, essential oil blending and more.  

This class is offered yearly. Dates will be posted on this page when a class is scheduled.


"A threshold is a significant frontier…it is a place of great transformation. If we approach our decisive thresholds with reverence and attention, the crossing will bring us more than we could ever have hoped for.” – John O’Donohue (To Bless the Space Between Us)


emerge: (verb)

to come into view, spring up, manifest, arise, unfold, become known.

Using fabric, yarn, items found in nature, buttons, beads and other adornments, this Expressive Arts workshop will provide the opportunity for us to engage in our personal stories of "emerging". What is longing to come forth? What is stirring that wants to be expressed? What are you being invited to step into or stretch into, how are you longing to care for yourself? To rest? Join us as we allow what is hidden to "emerge" through a tactile, transformative art practice.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021 9:30AM - NOON

WHERE: The Barn, Women's Art Club  6980 Cambridge Ave.  Mariemont, OH 45227

     promise: (noun)

          a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing; undertake or declare that something will       happen.

Using book making techniques, creative writing, and collage this expressive arts workshop will allow us to connect deeply with the promises of God toward us. It is powerful for us to be able to say to God, in prayer, "You said...." So it is important for us to familiarize ourselves with God's promises and know and experience for ourselves what He says in His word. Join us as we explore God's promises through a tactile, transformative art practice.


through fabric arts, meditation, journaling and ceremony

Why is it so hard for us to receive? Love, beauty, generosity, stillness, rest, forgiveness? Many times receiving provokes feelings of vulnerability, neediness or weakness. But cultivating the skill of receiving opens us up to a world of beauty, balance, wholeness and healing. It is a gift to allow ourselves to receive. Using various expressive arts elements,(fabric, journaling, meditation, and ceremony) this workshop will provide the opportunity to practice opening up to and expanding your capacity to receive.

Please email me for more information on this experience and to schedule your group. $58/person - minimum 4 people.


through Mixed Media Collage


verb: to pronounce or assert (a person or thing) to be something specified

synonyms: show to be, reveal as, confirm as, prove to be, attest to someone's being

"The power of naming begins to articulate you to you. You have a new way of speaking of yourself that is in alignment with your soul and thus new ways of being." - Melanie DewBerry

There is power in knowing your identity. Not just the name you were given at birth, but the identity you carry inside that you may have only had glimpses of. Identity is destiny. When you know who you are, and gain confidence in that knowing, courage will well up, faith can be revived, and risk-taking is encouraged. Through the vehicle of mixed media collage, this Expressive Arts workshop will provide the opportunity to explore, uncover and DECLARE the powerful, beautiful, unique you.

Please email me for more information on this experience and to schedule your group. Pricing: $48/person - minimum 4 people

Art Workshops Cincinnati



In this workshop we will be exploring the stories we live from. Some are true, but some of the stories we tell ourselves can be false and can block us from being all we were created to be. We will use clay to explore these various stories and tune into the truth that is ours to live out authentically and powerfully in the world.

Please email me for more information on this experience and to schedule your group. Pricing: $48/person - minimum 4 people

I am working on adding more workshops in the future. Please check back or sign up for my newsletter to get the latest information.

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