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Do I need to sign up for a class ahead of time or can I just show up?

Please sign up ahead of time so I can reserve your spot!

Where are the classes held?

I am currently using the Worthy Yoga space in Mariemont (when their classes are not in session) for my studio space. It is a beautiful, light-filled space with a peaceful, serene atmosphere perfect for Restorative Painting Practices and Expressive Arts classes.


6936 Madisonville Rd.  Cincinnati, OH 45227.

What happens during a Restorative Painting session?

Each class will begin with a contemplative prayer to help prepare for the painting session. While you are painting, I will work with you individually or with the group by asking guided questions and allowing you to  respond by painting what you are sensing. The class will end with a brief gathering together of the group to allow for processing of the painting time. 



What if I’m not an artist or don’t consider myself creative?

No prior experience with art is required. You do not have to be an artist or have ever picked up a brush, worked with clay, etc. to engage in this process. You will not be creating a “product” that has to be on display. This process will allow you to experience total permission to create whatever you need to create. Creating from this place of permission is inherently healing and freeing and is a rare gift. Everyone is welcome.



Do I have to bring my own supplies?

No. All supplies are provided for all classes.



Will I receive feedback on the art I create?

No. We will not be doing a “critique” at the end of each class as is typical of art classes where you are being taught technique. Remember this process is about free creative expression, you are not creating a product, so there is absolutely no right or wrong creation or way of creating.



Are these workshops only for women and how many participants will be in the group?

I currently work only with women up to a maximum of 12 per class.

Do you work with children?

I currently work with women ages 18 years and older. 



Do you offer private group sessions?

Yes. Email me with information about your group. We can then decide what type of class would be most beneficial.

Do you offer retreat-style classes?

Yes! I am working on several retreat options from all day Saturday retreats, to out-of-town weekend retreats, to out-of-town week long retreats. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to receive notification when these offerings are added.

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